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Junior Title secured on last day of Season.

posted Jun 17, 2017, 6:22 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Jun 17, 2017, 6:45 PM by Allan Moyle ]

On what was the last playing day of the Auckland Calendar and on the Club's own Closing Day, Balmoral secured another Auckland Junior title, with Scott Harrison & Artem Chesnokov's fine win in the Junior Pairs.  

Harrison & Chesnokov  were one of three Balmoral pairings to progress into post section play, an excellent effort from the Club Juniors. The vagaries of the draw saw the Balmoral pairing of Graham Farley  & Ian Hughes pair fall to the Harrison pairing in the first round of post section  and the other Balmoral pair of  Paul Jerrom & Les Williams fell to the David Ball skipped Mt Wellington pair at the same stage.
The Final played a couple weeks after the original weekend of play in the tournament, saw Scott Harrison & Artem Chesnokov  play Jay Dayal & Mike Whynn from Blockhouse Bay at Epsom Bowling Club. 

It was a mixed bag of a final with Balmoral first on the board with a massive end, taking 6 points. In the 5th end Blockhouse Bay came right back into it,  winning a 5 point end to tie up the score 7-7. The next few ends were a fine tussle for points. In the 9th end the game was all tied up again at 9-9. From here Balmoral found their rhythm and gathered momentum advancing their lead substantially, leaving Blockhouse Bay scrambling to stop Balmoral's run and to stay in the game. Unfortunately for Blockhouse Bay they couldn't do that or close the gap Balmoral had created and conceded in the 16th end with the score at 25-12.
A great win to cap off a fine season for Scott and Artem personally  and for the Club  which was able to celebrate later that same day, another Junior Centre title  to go with the two others secured this season. 

Women bring home Auckland Junior Triples Title.

posted Jun 6, 2017, 8:58 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Jun 17, 2017, 6:48 PM by Allan Moyle ]

Over the last few weeks of the season the last of the Junior events were played out across the artificial surfaces of many Auckland Bowls Clubs.  

The big news for Balmoral was the securing the of the Auckland Junior Triples title for the 2016-17 Year.  The team of Chelsea Farley, Linda Farley and Tessa Farley, played their way into the final at the headquarters in Kohimarama with a clean sweep in section play. 

The final was played against a composite combination of Tee Tereapii, Margarita Kelly & Carol Berry. Initially the Tereapii, combination held a lead up to the 6th end  7-6 then lost it, to then tie up the game in the 10th end 10-10. From this point Tereapii, Kelly and Berry didn't win another end and conceded in the 16th end with the Chelsea Farley skipped combination taking the win 28-10.
An excellent win by the Balmoral Junior women to close out the Balmoral Women's Club 25th and last season before amalgamation.
Other Auckland Junior Results

The Junior Men's Triples of Paul Jerrom,  Graham Farley and Ian Hughes (pictured right) went agonisingly close to emulating the women, missing out in their final to the strong Glen Eden combination of Aiden Takarua, Jeremy Brosnan and Richard Salter. 
Glen Eden took an early lead and Balmoral fought back and played some great bowls to stay in the game. Balmoral were down 9-3 in the 8th end to come back and be within 1 point of Glen Eden in the 13th end 13-12. But Glen Eden took a 4 in the 15th end that damaged Balmoral's chance of a come back. Glen Eden winning the Men's 1-5 Year Triples Title for the 2016-2017 season 20-15. 

A Balmoral Junior Womens' Fours comprising Linda Farley, , Tessa Farley Chelsea Farley and Marieke Knez (pictured right)  played their way in to another Final just a week after the Triples, where they were matched up against the Avondale combination of Laura Tauniva, Caroline Dubois, Paris Baker and Puna Paretoa.  This final was little more one sided, with Avondale having an excellent start in their final winning the first 5 ends to go 9-0 up. Balmoral played hard to try and regain those lost ends and managed to close the gap and by the 8th end they were still down but had come back to 6-9. Avondale had another winning streak and Balmoral could not come back from it this time. Avondale winning the Auckland Women's 1-5 Year Fours title for 2016-2017, 18-10.

2017 World Masters Games - Balmoral Round Up

posted May 4, 2017, 8:07 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated May 4, 2017, 8:09 PM ]

The 2017 World Master Games was held in Auckland  and afforded an easy opportunity for local players to be involved in the wide range of sports including Lawn Bowls.  Balmoral had a number of representatives involved.

Graham and Linda Farley  competed in the Mixed Pairs  60-69 Years competition and while they shared 2 wins with the eventual qualifiers from their section, they missed out  by 2 points on qualifying.

Linda paired up with  Marion Hakaria  in the Women's Pairs 60-69 Years and made out of qualifying  into the first round of post section but fell to another local combination of Eileen Badham and Helen Blick.

Graham paired with  a Pauanui based bowler John McConnell in the Men's Pairs 60-69 Year  and had a great run through to the Semi-Finals  Here they met the renowned pairing of  Petar Sain & Rob Ashton and were soundly beaten.  They moved in to the Bronze Medal match  were they missed out on the medal, losing to the Jack Bunguga & Terry Makira combination.

Terry Barrett and Steve Kirwan  competed in 2 events. The Men's Pairs 50-59 Years  and the Men's Fours 50-59 Years.
Terry and Steve made into first round of Pairs Post Section  but  were beaten by an Orewa combination  of David Eades & Kevin Robinson.

The Fours however  was where all the noise was come the last day, Terry & Steve  joined up  with Garry Banks  & Kenneth Batkin in the Men's Fours 50-59 Years.  They qualified with 3 wins out of section play and  had a great run through post section  to claim the  Gold Medal!!  

Winners 2017 Word Master Games Lawn Bowls Men's Fours 50-59 Years
Form L to R" Steve Kirwan, Terry Barrett, Ken Batkin and Gary Banks.

2016/17 Women's & Men's Club Champ Fours

posted May 3, 2017, 9:42 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated May 3, 2017, 9:42 PM ]

Both the Women's and Men's Club Champ Fours were concluded in April managing to doge around the  2 bouts  of extremely wet weather.

The Women's Championship Four final was played out  between two teams mixing  Juniors in with some of the Club's more established & experienced players.  In a tight and absorbing final  Dragita Nikolova, Marika Knez, Diane Barrett and Marie Makgill ran out the winners 11- 8 over the over the  Etsuko MacKessack, Ngaire Doherty, Linda Farley and Tessa Farley combination.

2016/17 Women's  Fours Champions from L to R: Marie Makgill, Diane Barrett, Marika Knez and Dragita Nikolova.

The Men's Championship Fours  saw eight teams split into two, four team round robin sections with the winner from each section to play in the final.
Three games were played and the winners of each pool met in the final which finished in the gathering dusk.
The Finalists were last years defending champions, Scott Harrison, Artem Chesnokov, Glen MacDonald and Richard Seifert and the  John Thompson skipped combination of  Bruce Williams, David Frew and Owen Gibbons.

The Harrison skipped four proved too powerful in the final, winning 20 to 6 with the last end unplayed,  a clear case of  youth and enthusiasm winning out over age and experience.

2016/17 Men's Fours Champions from L to R: Scott Harrison, Glen MacDonaldArtem Chesnokov and Richard Seifert.

First Year Singles winner revives old Club name.

posted May 3, 2017, 9:20 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated May 3, 2017, 9:22 PM ]

 The First Year Men's Singles was played out in early April.
When the dust settled from the 8 participants battling in the qualifying rounds, the 2 finalists to emerge were Neil Rowland and Bob Eadie.  The final was excellent with the two players putting on a game of quality bowls in front of a good crowd.
Neil Rowland got off to a strong start getting out to a 9-0 lead before Bob kicked into gear, roaring back into contention and then to lead 13-9 after 11 ends. From here the momentum swung back to Neil who picked off the next four ends with strong scoring plays to take the win 18-14.

2016/17 1st Year Singles Finalists L to R: Neil Rowland & Bob Eadie.

And that old name? Neil's Grandfather was President of the club from 1943 to 1945 and It is good to see Neil keeping his whanau's flag in bowls flying with pride.

2016-17 Handicap Singles Championship.

posted Mar 26, 2017, 2:18 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 7:24 PM ]

After what seems an age since the qualifying rounds the finals of this event got to be played on last Sunday. With a couple of late withdrawls and only two of the quarter finals needed to be played  meaning the semi-finalists  lined up as follows.
  • Odie Walter vs Roger Gardiner and 
  • Steve Kirwan vs Paul Griffiths

  • Both semi finals proved to be close  games  with the Walter/Gardiner semi -final needing an extra end to separate them, being tied 19 all at the 18 ends  after Odie just missed on collecting all 4 points needed to win the match in the last end.   The extra End was won by Roger.
    In the other semi final Steve quickly erased the 6 point handicap  but  Paul managed to match it with him  right to the end,  with Steve taking the win by 2 points with a two on the last end.

    In the final Steve  again quickly erased the 7 point handicap  and was not halted in his scoring march, leading by 20-8 after 9 ends  and the concession come from Roger after the  15th end when leading 26 -13.

    Great effort from all concerned and good to see some more of our Juniors again contesting  championship finals.
    2016-17 Handicap Singles finalists from L to R:  Roger Gardiner & Steve Kirwan

    Mixed Pairs Finals.

    posted Mar 26, 2017, 1:54 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 7:25 PM ]

    Following on form the  Triples earlier in the day, the Mixed Pairs Finals  were played on Saturday afternoon.

    In one semi final saw the sibling combination of Scott Harrison & Jane Field  play Steve Kirwan & Marianne Coldham with the Harrison/Field pairing  winning through the the Final.
    The second semi final saw  Artem Chesnokov & Chelsea Farley  playing  Odie Walter & Etsuko MacKessack  with the Walter/MacKessack  combination  going through to the final.

    In a quality final  Odie and Etsuko combined well  to take out this years title, with Odie picking up his 2nd title on the same day!

    2016/17 Men's Triples Championship.

    posted Mar 26, 2017, 1:21 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 7:26 PM ]

    In a busy weekend  that saw three Club Championships decided,  first up was the Men's Triples.  The previous weekend  had seen the field  bought down to the four semi finalists who started proceedings early on Saturday.  
    One semi final pitted the the unbeaten team from qualifying, Steve Kirwan, Paul Griffths & Graham Farley against a Rex Bell, Ross Hopewell  & Paul Jerrom combination.  Proof  that in bowls each day is different, saw  the  Bell combination  break out early and have a big  10-1 lead on the board before the Kirwan combination started to come back at them.  But with ends running out the Bell combination  held on for a good win. 

    The second semi-final was between  Scott Harrison, Terry Barrett & Artem Chesnokov  and  John James, Odie Walter & Allan Moyle.  This semi final  was a very tight match  with the key break  the 3 points scored by the James combination in 12th end  to go out to a 4 point lead with 3 ends to play.  Final score 12-11.

    The final saw the the Bell combination again take an early 5-1 lead, but the the James combination got into their work, taking 6 of the next 7 ends  to lead 12 -6  at the 12th end and run out eventual winners  15-9.

    Great to see a  good mix  of both senior  and junior bowlers contesting hard  in the final stages for this event.

    2016/17 Triples Champions L to R: Allan Moyle, John James & Odie Walter

    Champion of Champions Singles.

    posted Mar 25, 2017, 7:08 PM by Allan Moyle   [ updated Mar 29, 2017, 6:51 PM by Balmoral Bowls ]

    Over the last couple of weekends the Champ of Champs event for Singles and Junior (Year 1-5) Singles have been played.  

    Across the 4 events  the outstanding Balmoral performance  came from Chris Watkins, who made it through to the semi-finals in the Men's Year 1-5 Singles today before falling 21-9  to Mamae Taurua (Grey Lynn).  

    The other Balmoral representatives were;
    • Warren Tritt:  Men's Singles,  lost in 2nd Round
    • Tessa Farley:  Women's Singles Lost in Quarter-Final round
    • Tessa Farley: Year 1-5 Women's Singles - Lost in 1st Round

    Auckland 2017 Junior InterClub Champions!

    posted Mar 22, 2017, 6:34 PM by Balmoral Bowls   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 7:28 PM ]

    Balmoral again fielded 2 teams in the the Auckland Centre 2017 Junior Interclub Championships.

       Balmoral Gold  Balmoral Maroon
     Singles  Scott Harrison  Chris Watkin
     Pairs Artem Chesnokov & Richard Seifert  Paul Jerrom & Graham Farley
     Triples  Odie Walter, Allan Moyle & Tessa Farley  Chelsea Farley, Ian Hughes & Linda Farley

    The Balmoral Gold team drew home green advantage  and were able to close  out the section play on Saturday with eight wins from nine and a very healthy points differential.
    The Balmoral Maroon team ventured to  St Heliers for their section play  and picked up 3 wins and draw but did not progress to Finals day on Sunday . 

    Balmoral Gold  drew the early quarter-final game on Sunday against the winning team from the St Heliers section, Blockhouse Bay Blue.  Scott  quickly got on top in his singles game, with both the Pairs and  the Triples matches being very close.  However the Balmoral team got up to win in the Triples  which drew the concession from Blockhouse Bay in the Pairs.
    The semi-final against Pringle Park  was similar,  with Scott again leading out  and finishing his match quickly giving Balmoral the early advantage.  Again the Pairs and Triples were drawn into tight, hard fought matches.  The Triples team wobbled a bit  mid game but managed to pull ahead  in the critical  last ends to win and secure a spot in the final in advance of the Pairs match finishing up.

    The Final opponents were Onehunga Districts,   who had against most predictions won out over the home club, Pt Chevalier in the other semi final.  In the final Balmoral took early leads in all three disciplines and were not headed off as the games played out  to give Balmoral the the 2017 Junior Interclub title.

     2017 Junior Interclub Champions for L to R: Artem Chesnokov, Scott Harrison, Odie Walter, Allan Moyle, Tessa Farley, Steve Kirwan (Manager) & Richard Seifert

    A great effort by all those involved including our Maroon teammates who kept up the pressure and banter in practices in the lead  to the weekend  and it's excellent marker for the club,  which has been growing and developing its Junior ranks.

    Thanks to those who came and supported   and of course huge  from all the players to the support and guidance of Steve Kirwan and Terry Barrett as Managers for the teams over the weekend.

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